25 e-Books Every Nurse Should Download

by Editor on June 30, 2011

If pursuing a nursing education, there can be much confusion in studying, preparing for exams, and even after life as a nurse begins. With everything from national certification exams to online vs. campus programs to malpractice, it can all be overwhelming. However, you are not the only future or present nurse to face these difficulties.

To help, we have gathered 25 e-Books every nurse should download. Not only are they easier on your shelf case and better for the environment, these e-Books often come with a lower price tag and in some cases are even free.

Free e-Books Every Nurse Should Download

These e-Books have the best price tag and can help in any nursing education or career. Use caution whenever downloading anything from over the web.

  1. Notes on Nursing
    Florence Nightingale is the first name in nursing and wrote a book on the subject. A must read for all nurses, it includes what nursing is and is not. Using a commonsense approach that can still be utilized today, she proposed a thorough regimen for nursing care in hospitals and homes.

  3. Dietetics for Nurses
    Ever had someone tell you that you are what you eat? They must have read this book on prevention through diet. The instilling of good diet habits is taught to nurses and patients in this nearly 500 page e-Book.

  5. Nurse Pocket Guide
    The e-Book includes diagnoses, prioritized interventions, and rationales for nurses. In its 12th edition, many nurses turn to it for information. Available to download from several sites.

  7. Nursing Diagnosis Manual
    This book is available to download chapter by chapter. A few samples include respiratory rate, nursing assessment, and wound care. The bloggers at Nursing Care Plan also offer other resources.

  9. How to Nurse Sick Children
    If going into pediatrics, this e-Book is a must for every nurse. It is intended especially as a help to the nurses at the Hospital for Sick Children but contains directions which may be found of service to all who have the charge of the young. Read the entire work on Google Books.

  11. Bedlam Among the Bedpans
    Need some nursing related humor? Then check out this book by Amy Y. Young for just that. This site features the first 35 pages for free, or you can purchase as an entire e-Book from the usual dealers.

  13. Tending Lives
    Echo Heron writes this book at nurses on the medical front. Ranging from inspiring to tragic to outrageously funny, these narratives are real life medical dramas as experienced by nurses across the country. There are also other related books to download.

  15. Applied Psychology for Nurses
    If you are a nurse going into psychology, this is a must read. Mary Porter shares her early experiences in a neurological and big city hospital. Also useful for other students in the mental health area.

  17. Gray’s Anatomy for Students
    This is one of the first names to come to mind when thinking of medical books. This special edition is just for students. There are three different ways to download it from this site.

  19. Nurse’s Drug Handbook
    Jones and Bartlett Learning are the makers of this book. It includes the most up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use nursing drug reference. Must download software in order to download e-Book.

  21. The Student Nurse’s Bible
    Download this book to get useful tips and advice just for student nurses. Peter Conway shares more from his own experience. You can also read it online or in a variety of other forms.

  23. Notes on Hospitals
    Florence Nightingale again returns in this e-Book. Think hospitals are bad now? Then read this public domain book to see how bad they were back then. There are also specific passages highlighted for the reading with a scroll down.

Paid e-Books Every Nurse Should Download

If you have a couple of bucks or more to invest in your nursing education – and you should – check out these nurse e-Books organized mostly by current price.

  1. The Nurse’s Survival Guide
    Emily T. Fisher provides this story with a light beyond the chaos of nursing. Written especially for nurses and professionals, it speaks to the “New Age of Nursing.” Grab $9.44 and get an inside look at the true purpose of nursing.

  3. Highway Hypodermics
    If interested in broadening your nursing career through travel, check out this $11.99 e-Book. Written by Epstein LaRue, she shares her own experiences as a travel nurse as well as many tips for the journey. There are also other e-Books for nurses here.

  5. Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide
    Nervous about downloading the free version listed above? Then spend $12.29 to get the 2011 version from Judith A. Barberio. It contains everything a nurse needs to know about 1,000 common medications.

  7. Medical Surgical Nursing Demystified
    Mary Digiulio is a nurse practitioner who has worked as a medical-surgical nurse for many years. In this $14.11 book, she takes on the subject of medical-surgical nursing in a painless way that is practical for every student interested in or intimidated by the field. The book features a full chapter for each system–cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, hematologic, and all the others.

  9. RNotes
    If you have a Kindle or compatible device, you can have this e-Book added to your library for $14.97. Both nursing educators and students use the guide for the delivery of safe and effective health care in hospital and home settings. In its second edition, the book offers quick find, functionality, and more of the commonly-used but rarely memorized clinical information that thousands of nurses and students refer to daily.

  11. How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School
    This e-Book was written by nursing students for nursing students and includes valuable tips for getting an education. In its third edition, you can purchase for $15.00. You can also check out Course Smart for many other education materials.

  13. Your First Year as a Nurse
    With loads of books on how to study nursing, this e-Book stands out for laying out what to expect during your first year of actual nursing and how to go from a novice to a successful professional. Donna Cardillo shares her knowledge in this $15.99 book and even on her blog.

  15. Critical Conditions :The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive
    Author Martine Ehrenclou got an education no one wants when she was forced to look after loved ones in several different hospitals. In this award winning book, she shares how to be your loved ones best advocate and shares over 150 interviews with doctors, nurses, social workers, and families. Get a preview here, or spend $19.95 to read the entire work.

  17. Davis NCLEX-RN Q & A
    Having trouble studying for the NCLEX? Then grab this e-Book from F.A. Davis Company to get over 1,500 questions that can help you prepare for it. For $19.99, it is especially for Apple and Android devices.

  19. Fast Facts for the Medical Office Nurse
    If studying to become an office nurse, this e-Book can tell you “what you really need to know in a nutshell.” Topics include location, reimbursement, role, and care provided. Sheila Richmeier has many years of experience in health care and offers this book for $20.99.

  21. Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination
    If the other e-Book isn’t cutting it , click here. This one has a complete content review and over 4,500 NCLEX examination-style questions in the book. The e-Book runs at $36.09 and includes detailed rationales to help you learn from your answer choices

  23. Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation
    If studying to become an NP, or nurse practitioner, there is also a daunting exam to pass. Grab this e-Book from Margaret A. Fitzgerald and $43.16. With many user reviews ranking it positively, it can help students hone diagnostic and treatment reasoning skills as well as thoroughly prepare for the exam.

  25. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook
    Betty J. Ackley heads up this evidence guide to planning care. It includes the 8th edition text and is a must for many nursing students. It is currently selling as a package text and e-Book for $77.95.

Remember to use caution whenever following any of the advice read in the above 25 e-Books every nurse should download. Please consult a physician in the event of a medical situation or before changing a prescription plan.

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