Top 50 YouTube Videos to Learn About Nursing Specialties

by Editor on July 07, 2011

If you want to advance in your nursing career education, you probably would want to pick a specialty nursing option to excel in that career. The following 50 YouTube videos address just a handful of nursing specialty options, such as burn nurse, emergency (trauma) nurse, pediatric nurse, geriatric nurse, military nurse, public health nurse, nurse midwife, forensic nurse, nurse practitioner and anesthetist nurse. [click to continue…]

25 e-Books Every Nurse Should Download

by Editor on June 30, 2011

If pursuing a nursing education, there can be much confusion in studying, preparing for exams, and even after life as a nurse begins. With everything from national certification exams to online vs. campus programs to malpractice, it can all be overwhelming. However, you are not the only future or present nurse to face these difficulties.

To help, we have gathered 25 e-Books every nurse should download. Not only are they easier on your shelf case and better for the environment, these e-Books often come with a lower price tag and in some cases are even free. [click to continue…]