The Ultimate Guide to BSN Scholarships and Grants

The nursing shortage in the United States has a benefit for you as a student – to entice people to consider getting a degree in this field, organizations and school readily offer scholarships and grants. If you’re interested in becoming a nurse, you could go to school for little to no out-of-pocket costs – and this ultimate guide to bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) scholarships and grants is your ticket to making that possible.

Scholarships or Grants – Which is Better?

Most students and their parents actually don’t know the difference between scholarships and grants, but learning about the two can make it easier for you to get financial aid when you apply. Scholarships and grants are typically lumped together because they are both “free” sources of money for college (i.e., you don’t have to repay the money when you graduate like you do with a student loan. The main difference is that scholarships’ main requirement is merit, like good grades, a special skill/talent, or the ability to write a winning essay about your future goals. On the other hand, grants are given to students who demonstrate need – while merit may be considered, if you can’t prove that you actually need the money, you won’t be eligible.

Where to Find BSN Scholarships and Grants

The most common place to find scholarships and grants to make a BSN education possible is directly from your school. Almost all colleges have funds specifically to help potential students who show promise but cannot afford the required tuition. Your school’s financial aid department can help you learn if you quality.

The government is also a great source of scholarships and grants for nurses. If you fill out the FAFSA form, you can qualify for the Pell Grant, a national grant for undergraduates, and the Health Resources and Services Administration also has financial aid available for nurses. In addition, state and local government departments might provide nursing grants in your area.

Lastly, outside organizations make money available for nursing students. Some that have offered scholarships and grants in the past and may have funds available this year as well include the American Health Care Association, the National BlackĀ  Nurses Association, the AORN Foundation, the March of Dimes, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and the National Student Nurses Association.

The Best RN to BSN Degrees Online

Kaplan University
Kaplan University — Kaplan's RN to BSN program empowers you to earn your bachelor's degree online from an accredited leader in education. The curriculum features an emphasis on professional leadership and health promotion and includes courses in management, informatics, research, and emerging trends in medicine. A capstone completed in your community allows you to apply your knowledge.
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Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University — Grand Canyon University's RN to BS in Nursing Program is designed for registered nurses who already possess their associate's degree or diploma in nursing. The curriculum focuses on the inherent skills of an RN, building on them to graduate competent nurses with more advanced skills. Courses are taught both online and in the classroom.
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Walden University
Walden University — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for registered nurses is projected to continue to increase dramatically through 2016. Further studies have indicated that the earnings gap between those with and without a bachelor's degree is growing. At Walden, you can earn your bachelor's degree with a flexible, relevant, online program.
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